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US. Roaming Talk Booster 25

  • 3 October 2019
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Why every time my husband uses our phone for long distance it says we don't have sufficient talk time which isn't true....U.S. Roaming Talk Booster 25 12 used 13 minutes Active

Best answer by BobTheElectrician 3 October 2019, 21:13

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2 replies

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US roaming talk booster is for when you are in the US calling.
If you are in Canada making a call to the US you will need to purchase a long distance talk booster.
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The previous system (Canda-wide minutes used at 2x the rate for US calls, and 3?x for international was much easier to use. Only needed one booster purchased.

In Canada calling Canada => Canada-wide or in-province minutes needed depending on who you are calling
In Canada calling US, Mexico or other => Long distance minutes needed
In Canada receving from anywhere => supposed to be using your local call minutes only.

In US calling Canada or US => US Roaming minutes needed.
In US calling Mexico => don't know for sure, will test next week and report back.