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thinking about switch to regular plan ,but i have $55 left in my prepaid plan account

  • 11 December 2021
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I have been in the $45 prepaid plan. Today I topped up $55 in order to get a bigger prepaid plan. I didn't change the plan yet.  After I topped up ,I found the regular monthly plan is a better deal and  I wanted to switch to the regular monthly plan of $50 12Gb. I haven't done that either... Because  What can I do with the$55 in my prepaid account balance?  Being wasted?

Thank you for your help? By the way, my daughter is also in a prepaid plan , if that can help. 


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3 replies

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If you switch from a prepaid service to postpaid service, the current balance would be lost. If you plan to do so, try to do it at the end of your billing cycle.

You can find more information about the process from prepaid to post paid here https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/moving-prepaid-postpaid-monthly-service

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Also keep in mind that the plan might be a promotion and it might be gone by the time you’re at the end of your prepaid month. Or boxing day will bring even better plans.

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Since you haven't used your funds yet to renew your plan, you can contact Koodo and request a refund. They might be willing to do that especially since you plan to move to a postpaid plan.

Keep in mind that you need an active prepaid line to port your number, but for that the $15 plan is plenty sufficient.