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SIM card without plan

  • 7 December 2021
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Hey everyone! Years ago, it was possible to buy a SIM card without a plan and simply charge it up with money whenever needed. Then you’d just use that up until you re-filled it again. Anyone know what I’m talking about? 

I tried looking this up, but it seems like nowadays there’s no such option and everything involves a plan. I just need a temporary SIM card to give my mom who’ll be visiting from out of the country. That way, she’d be able to contact me without any roaming charges on her European SIM. 

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1 reply

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That’s prepaid phone plan options. I’m not sure if you mean something with zero monthly cost and you just add minutes and texts anytime you feel like. Those are not really a thing and even many years ago wasn’t quite that common IIRC. You’re looking at 15 dollars a month minimum:


You can let it lapse up to 89 days before your line gets cancelled though. Public Mobile is also a subsidiary of Telus, and has somewhat better price points when you go for auto-pay. You can check them out at


With the Public Mobile option and autopay she can pay 13 a month for 100 minutes, 250MB and unlimited international SMS. And then when she’s gone, you let it lapse.

You can also look into your mom’s carrier’s roaming rates. She may have decent options for roaming.

What are her actual needs? She could possibly get by with just wifi and using things like whatsapp on wifi.