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  • 25 October 2020
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Hey there, I recently switched to Koddo from Freedom because Freedom’s signals were good. I used Koddo but its the same thing. I want to get back the charges that I paid on my pre-paid plan. I saw on Koddo’s website that switching customers get 30 day trial/ they can cancel within 30 days and get money back. You have to stay under a min and text amount in order to qualify for refund. Please let me know if what I am saying is correct

3 replies

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It really depends on where you order the plan and phone, and what the terms are when you sign up. It’s impossible to make a blanket statement of when and how you can get a full refund I’m afraid.

Also, you’re talking about Koodo prepaid - no refunds at all there! If that doesn’t answer your question, could you be more specific please as to what your question exactly is?

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You may be referring to the 30 day trial period when you declare beforehand your wish to try koodo service https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/koodo-mobile-trials

Based on the info in the link, if you did not ask for a trial period ahead of time and you have not received and are currently using a trial SIM, you may not be entitled to receive a refund for your 1st monthly payment.

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The trial service is set up as a prepaid account. According to the link; “Your trial will be activated as soon as your phone connects to the Koodo network or the moment you send your first SMS”. The trial period is indeed thirty days. However, there is no mention of a refund. This is because prepaid services are paid for upfront and all sales are final.

What I think you’re referring to is a phone purchase. In that case, you would have 30 days to return the phone from the date of purchase if purchased through Koodo’s webstore, or 15 days from the date of purchase if purchased at a Koodo kiosk or one of their retail partners. This is where reasonable usage comes in; 30 minutes of talk time (local and/or long-distance), 50 text messages (incoming/outgoing), and 50 MB of data usage. See the link below.

Returning or exchanging your Koodo phone