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  • 7 September 2020
  • 2 replies

I was referred to purchase a prepaid plan and went into the Telus store to do so.  I forgot to give the referral information when we were setting up my account in the store.  Koodo will obviously know this is true as my sim and phone were activated yesterday.  Is there a way I can provide Koodo with my friend’s activation code after the fact?  I tried doing so today but it did not work.  Thanks for any assistance.

2 replies

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I had s similar experience with my new account setup. I started the referral process online but did not have the referral code.  I called Koodo customer service support (callback via www.koodomobile.com/chat ) soon after the setup was complete. The agent was kind enough and ‘fixed’ my incomplete referral application. Give it a try, I hope you will be fortunate enough to get a helpful agent and get the same result that I was fortunate to get. Good luck!


Thanks for the advice!