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expiration of minutes

  • 26 August 2020
  • 2 replies

What happens to any unused minutes on my basic plan at the end of the month. I am not talking about add-ons just the basic 100 minutes on my plan does it carry over or will I start with another 100 minutes at the start of the next month.


Best answer by Allan M 26 August 2020, 02:38

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2 replies

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Anything in the base plan doesn't carey over and expires at the end of the month.

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Are you talking about prepaid, @stu balls? It seems that you are, in that case your 100 minutes will last as long as you keep your plan active.

If you were talking about the postpaid plan, see Allan’s answer above :)

EDIT: Oh wait, no Allan is correct… the minutes that are INCLUDED expire each month. Apologies for the confusion… I forgot for a moment that the new base plan includes minutes now… I was thinking of the booster or bonus minutes.