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Change the plan (prepaid user)

  • 27 April 2021
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Hi, I am a pre-paid user of Koodo.

My next payment due is in two days. I like to change my basic plan today. If I change the plan today, auto top-up will charge again when cycle is coming in two days?


someone said, if I change before cycle auto top-up, they will charge twice. So I don’t want to pay double.

Can you help me?


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3 replies

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Awhile ago the topups used to be funny like that. Now, with auto top ups they check the balance of the account before applying the top up so you should be good.

Someone else can chime in if I'm wrong though!

thank you for your tips. I will change my plan today!! ^^

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To add to what Allan said: it should reset your billing cycle to “today” rather than two days from now, so you should be good. Even if the auto top up chimes in (it shouldn’t, but… computers)… your credit will just be available till the next top up. You’ll never end up paying double, or losing more than the one day that is left in your current billing cycle. And if the system gets REALLY confused, a rep will be able to sort it for you :)

So you’re safe no matter what :grinning: