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Koodo Internet – Subscription, Set-up, and Troubleshooting

  • 24 January 2024
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This article provides information on how to subscribe to Koodo Internet, set up your equipment, manage your subscription and payments, troubleshoot internet issues, return equipment, and frequently asked questions.


Subscribing to Koodo internet

Koodo Internet is a prepaid subscription-based service available in Ontario, Quebec, Winnepeg MB, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan. 

Visit Koodo.com/Internet to check availability at your address and choose the best plan for your needs.

Note: Bundle discounts may be available for existing  Koodo Mobility customers.


Setting up your Koodo Internet

Once you receive your order:

  1. start by unpacking your equipment 
  2. follow the step-by-step instructions in the Quick-install guide for self-installation.

You can find more information about the included equipment in this support article 


Managing your subscription and payments

It’s easy and quick to manage your subscription in your self-serve account!

You can use your self-serve account to:

  • update your credit card information,
  • view and download receipts

If you decide to cancel your subscription, go to Subscriptions -> Manage -> Cancel Subscription 


The service agreement can be found in the activation email (you can request it by scheduling a call back in case you didn’t receive it by email)

Note: Changing your internet plan is currently unavailable in self-serve. If you wish to pick a different Internet plan you will need to cancel your current subscription and sign-up for the plan you want.  


Troubleshooting internet issues

If your internet is slow or not working:

  • try resetting your modem by unplugging the power cables for 30 seconds and reconnecting them.
  • If the issue persists, refer to this support article for more troubleshooting tips.
  • Ultimately, you can schedule a call back with the virtual assistant if further assistance is needed.

Note: If a technician visit is required, ensure you answer the technician's call before the appointment.


Returning your equipment

  •  You will be required to return the equipment when it needs to be replaced (when a technician determines it’s not working) or when canceling your subscription.
  • To return your equipment, pack it securely and drop it off at a Canada Post outlet, mentioning the return ID number PR142924
  • Keep a copy of the Canada Post receipt for reference and tracking.




Q: What date will my monthly payment come out?

  A: Your billing date will be seven days after your activation date. For example, if you selected the 10th as your activation date, your monthly withdrawal will happen on the 17th of each month.

Note: This does not include the initial monthly payment, which happens at the time of confirming your service order.


Q: Can I sign up for Koodo Internet if I have DSL with my current provider?

  A: No, Koodo Internet is only available for cable internet (coax cable).


Q: How many devices can I connect to my wifi network?

  A: With Wi-Fi 6, you can connect a large number of devices without worrying about slowing down your internet speed.


Q: Can I use my own equipment?

  A: No, you must use the provided modem, but you can still use your own router. Note that technical support is not offered for the owned equipment.


Q: Which internet plan should I pick?

  A: The plan you choose depends on your usage needs, such as streaming, multiple users, or basic web browsing.


Q: Can I sign up for Koodo Internet in a store or over the phone?

  A: No, Koodo Internet can only be ordered online.


Q: Can I change the activation date if I receive my equipment early?

  A: Changing the activation date is not possible due to third-party requirements.


Q: My order hasn’t arrived yet but Canada Post says it was delivered. What should I do?

  A: Please schedule a call back through the virtual assistant for further assistance.


Q: Why didn’t the technician show up for the appointment?

  A: Schedule a call back with the virtual assistant and mention the missed appointment.


Q: Is Koodo Internet available in all areas ?

  A: Koodo Internet is available at qualified service addresses. Check the availability on our website


Q: I will move to a different address that is eligible for Koodo Internet. Can I simply take the equipment and connect it to the new address?

A: At the moment, moving your equipment to a different address is not available. You will need to cancel your current subscription, return the equipment and subscribe again for Koodo Internet at the new address


For additional support and tips, refer to the Koodo Internet support article on our website

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