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Will I lose my bill credits if I change my plan?

  • 17 September 2023
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Hey all! 

Yesterday I ordered a new phone, and the phone I chose came with a $375 bill credit ($25 over 15 months). I had to select a new plan as well and chose the $65 5G plan. 

Today when I logged in, there is a banner saying I can switch to the same plan for $60. Obviously I would love to pay $5 less for the same plan, but I’m worried I’d lose my bill credit. But it did seem that the bill credit was a perk of the new phone, not the plan. 

Anyone know if the bill credit will be lost if i change my plan (either now or in the future)?



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2 replies

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It is really depended on the condition of the credit though. From the look of it, the credit was attached to the specific plan. I think you would lose the credit if you change your plan.

Anyway, I will flag a rep to have more information

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Hi @TyPhone 

In general, the discounts that are offered with a plan deal are linked to that plan and would drop if you switch to a different plan.

The discounts in this case will be removed if you switch to the $60 plan.