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Travelling In US for 3 weeks.. Best Add On- $75 for 1 month text/talk 750 MG, or Roaming?

I am going to be in the USA soon for 3 weeks. I would like to have access to texting and my phone.. with some data usage. Most of the time I will have access to Wi Fi.. but I don’t believe I can recieve calls over WiFi? just texts and data. 

There will be at least 5 days where I will be travelling and would like access to Data- both for texting.. as well as for having easy access to directions- calling my hotel.. Etc.. 

So I was considering the $75 add on - here… 

$20 for US unlimited SMS
$45 for US unlimited MIN/SMS
$75 for US unlimited MIN/SMS + 750MB of data


As I feel like the Easy Roam could add up.. at $11 a day.. unless there is a limit to the charges?

 I usually use about 1 GB a month on my own plan.. so it’s not that much less.. but then I was told that my data will get used faster as it will be on a different network in the states.. 

I was curious if anyone had advice. Thank you. 

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Where are you seeing these roaming add-ons? I'm not seeing any of these on koodo's website. 

Do you have a link to these? 

@Dennis - They were on another link in the community and I called and they are available.. but you have to ask for them.. 

Any thoughts on them?

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Those add-ons you mentioned are old add-ons.  I thought they were gone once they introduced " Easy roam".

I'm surprised they still have them in the system.

@Mayumi - They still have them.. 
Do you know if that would work out to a better deal.. Or how fast the data would go in comparison to how it would be used here?



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Whether it's the better deal is entirely up to you. If you are very frugal with your data, you might make it. But if you are planning on a lot of navigating or internet browsing on the go, 750mb is not a whole lot of data.

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So a couple of things. Those old add-ons are not guaranteed to be available. So don't get your hopes up too high in case those legacy add-ons end up not being able to be applied to the account. 


The other thing, is all of this is solely dependant on how you are expecting to use your phone in the US.


Personally I would get a prepaid sim in the US and just rely on data. Most of messaging is done through messenger or whatapp and same with my calls.

If you are calling your hotel, you could use that local prepaid sim too. You don't actually need your Canadian number for that.

So just some food for thought 

@Dennis . They were I already checked.. But I do appreciate the idea of the sim card.. Ok I will look at that all. THank you. 


@Sophia Thank you. Do you know if the data goes faster in the US/ or is it the same as Canada?

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It should be the same unless you are on 5G in the US, then the speeds are much faster meaning you could go through data faster 

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It should be the same unless you are on 5G in the US, then the speeds are much faster meaning you could go through data faster 

You will go thru data faster, but use the same amount as in Canada, providing of course you have 5G compatible equipment. Take a beat-up taxi or a Porsche to the airport… one will be faster but both will travel the same finite distance.


If you use a US SIM, you won’t receive calls made to your Canadian number unless you set up call forwarding, which can be tricky internationally. Texts can’t be received over wifi.


Easy Roam US is now capped at $240 per billing cycle, certainly not the deal it used to be.


If your main concern is outgoing or making local contacts, then the US SIM is the way to go. Many US correspondents won’t call an unknown-to-them Canadian number. When shopping, make sure your US carrier supports calls and texts to Canada at a decent rate.

Thank you. I do have 5G.. but do not use it here. I believe i can shut it off on my phone.. So I should be able to use it and it would be the same rate as I go through it here- on 4G?

Or do you have to use 5G there if they have it? 

Thank you so much!

I want to use the texting to US and Canadian numbers that are friends and family,  (mostly can be done on wireless) and then data for navigation/looking stuff up on my travel days. 

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I would avoid texting with your Canadian number in order to remain flexible. 

If your friends and family can use a data messaging service that would be best (ex. Whatsapp).

This way your primary concern will be data.

If you are in the US for 3 weeks I would personally get a prepaid local sim with data. It would be much cheaper than any roaming option koodo has 

@Dennis - and how do I/can I do that?  Do I go to a phone store when I cross the border?
Thank you

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Yes. You can go to a phone store when you are in the US. You can also order online too especially if your phone is compatible with esim.

Mint mobile is pretty good. They do charge you for 3 months, but their $20/month plan means that's $60, Which is cheaper than any koodo roaming Option

@Dennis E. Gonsalves Awesome!! Thank you I was just looking at E-sim! So appreciate it.. and so much easier!! 


Thank you!


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US Dollar stores of all kinds have no-credit-card or US id required plans and burner phones on sale at low prices.