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QUESTION How much do i pay after completing my Tab payment plan

  • 7 September 2022
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I completed my Tab plan and i would like to switch to a cheaper call plan.  

A plan with unlimited data 


Best answer by Goran 7 September 2022, 16:35

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6 replies

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Koodo does not have unlimited data options. You can go into self-serve and change to any current market plan anytime you want. If you want an unlimited data option, you can switch out to Telus during a promotional plan time for a better deal on one as Koodo is owned by Telus. It'd be the same network. Otherwise 20gb is the current largest data option with Koodo. There are data add-ons as well to add a bit more but that's about it.


Hello Goran, 

  1. Since i have completed my TAB payment, how much would i be charged going forward? 
  2. What is the best deal from Koodo and how much is it monthly
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@Hade Your tab was $33 a month. That disappears now. You can switch to a 20gb promo plan we have on now. It’s $60 a month. That would be $10 more than your current plan. However, because you have no more tab payments your monthly bill will actually go down, even after the plan change, by about $23.  

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Just your regular bill amount. You should see the detailed breakdown on page 3of your bill. Subtract the tab amount

Atm what you see on koodo's site is what you get. There may be better deals at Koodo kiosks, area dependent. So atm it's 60 dollars for 20gb.


Hi Goran /Benard, does this 60CAD /20GB include free  international calls 

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@Hade You have a paid add-on that allows a 1,000 min to selected countries. You can see the list of the countries in your self serve. 

I see that you also booked a callback for tomorrow so any questions you may still have our rep would be able to answer.