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Purchased a data booster 1GB but I can't access it

  • 7 September 2021
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I purchased a data booster 1GB on Aug 25  but I can’t use it even though I haven’t use any of the data. Then I purchased it again  and worked this time. However, I was charged twice even though the first time doesn;t work and I wasn’t able to access the data.

7 replies

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If possible could you post a snapshot of your selfserve where it showed you purchased twice? (hide/delete all personal information before posting please). 

In the past there was one case in which one customer purchased a wrong booster instead. I would just suggest you doublecheck to make sure. 

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Usually, when you purchase a booster the sytem does not start drawing on it right away if there is still a balance in the previous one.

Buying a booster and letting the system top you up for the purchase can sometimes be confusing. You might be left with extra $ in your account but withou the booster.

Best practice: take a screen shot of your booster balances, manually add $ from your credit card, purchase the booster and verify your balances afterwards. If something does screw up, being able to tell customer service these exact values goes a long way to resolving your case quickly.

Hi, I have attached a screenshot of my purchase, they are both Koodo TOp Up Reapprov. I used up all the data before I add money for the first time, which turned out doesn’t work and I still couldn’t access the data.

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Log into Koodo Prepaid SelfServe. Look at the following screen:

Are the purchases and payments reflected in the credit and balance columns? Has your balance gone up without being charged for the data boosters?




Yes, it showed that I have been charged twice on the data booster on that day?


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Yeah, from the screen shot, you did purchase twice. Can you go to usage and see if you had any data left in each booster? 

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Click on Phone Services then Usage Services. Your boosters should appear.

Click on Phone Services then Usage Summary. Your boosters should appear. If they don’t, message Koodo on Facebook with a copy of both screen shots.