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Pay-per-use roaming in the US

  • 14 March 2023
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I'll be in the states for 9 days, and expect to use only texting and a small amount of data.  It appears that pay-per-use roaming is the better way to go.  I've removed US Easy Roam from my add-ons, but I'm not sure what else I need to do to ensure I have no Easy Roam and no other surprises.  This is what my add-ons look like.  Can someone confirm that I've done what needs to be done? 

Also, since I expect to use some data in addition to texts,  I gather that I have to leave Mobile Data and Data Roaming set to on on my phone - is this correct?

My add-ons

$0 Call Control


International Data Roaming


Pay-Per-Use Intl Long Distance


Koodo VoLTE Access


International Voice Roaming


Total add-ons per month


1 reply

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For postpaid customer, US roaming is automatically on. you don’t need anything extra.

However, if you choose to use payperuse data, make sure you monitor your usage properly. It is $10 for 50MB. You might want to turn cellular data (and data roaming) off if you don’t use.