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koodo self serve isn't letting me pick a new phone plan without a tab

  • 19 May 2023
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I saw Koodo has new offers for plans with higher data usage, however, it won't let me choose one that doesn't come with a tab and a new phone purchase.

How do I shop for a new plan but get to keep my own phone I just bought last year?

It doesn't make sense that Koodo won't even let me pick a new plan and keep my phone.

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2 replies

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While I cannot directly intervene with how Koodo's offer its plans, I can suggest some alternatives for you :

  1. Contact Koodo customer service: Reach out to Koodo's customer service team and explain your situation. Sometimes, they may have alternative options or promotions available that are not visible on their website. They may be able to offer you a plan that suits your needs without requiring a new phone purchase.

  2. Explore other providers: Look into other mobile service providers in your area that offer plans suitable for your data usage and allow you to keep your own phone. By comparing different providers, you may find a better plan that meets your requirements.

Have a good day.

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Which plan are you looking to change to?