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Invited a friend to Koodo, but link forces her to buy a new phone!

  • 12 January 2022
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I invited a friend to join Koodo. She already has her own phone and does not want a new one, but she’d like to become a Koodo customer for the reasonable monthly fees.

Problem: When she clicks on the link she received from Koodo (when I invited her), it seems like the Koodo website will not let her on board unless she buys a new phone, Is there really no work around this issue?


Best answer by Dennis 12 January 2022, 06:02

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6 replies

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There shouldn’t be a problem. Can we see a screenshot of when your friend attempts to select a plan and checkout without a phone?

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Koodo's referal system doesn't work like that. 

It's a 3 step process for the one being referred. 


First your friend needs to enter their own details to register that they are being referred


Next they need to sign up with Koodo (no special link is required). They can sign up online or instore. They just need to add a plan to the cart then complete the billing and address info.


Lastly, once they have signed up, their sim is working, port over their number (if applicable), then they compete the final step of the referral by confirming their number 


This is what it looks like (not at all what Dennis showed). Three screenshots:


Once you click on the green button, it does take you to a page that is similar to what Dennis showed. But after that, you get a page where you are asked to choose a phone.

My friend emailed me this morning. Apparently another email was sent by Koodo about five minutes later, and that allowed her to finish the process.

I don’t understand why this had to be soooo complicated and frustrating.

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Might have been a glitch. But everything is working for them now? 

Yes, that second automated email did the trick. No clue why the first just wouldn’t do.