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Instant voicemail

I just changed phones and plans and suddenly all my voicemails are going to text as an audio file. I do not want this. I want to hear them through the voicemail part of my phone. My Husband is also getting this. He has a brain injury and does not use text at all. I found an article which tells me how to activate instant voice mail (which we did not do), looked through my add ons and it is not listed. How do I get rid of instant Voicemail?

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Since the process to add it is as an add-on in self-serve, can you go into manage your add-ons in self-serve and remove it? Then try leaving a voicemail with each other's line and see what happens.

But you should still be able to access your voicemail the traditional way anyways. Did you try to see that it still works the standard way?

It is not listed in either one of our add ons so I can’t remove it. I do notice now that we can access voice mail the traditional way so there is that though there is no longer any visual way to tell there is a voice mail other than the text notification. I would still like to get rid of the instant voicemail as it gives me a notification that I have a text when in fact I do not.

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Let’s see what your are working with here.

Can you post a screenshot your add-ons in your self serve? 

Thank you Dennis. I have indeed figured it out. When I got the new phone I had to change plans. Included in the new plan was a perk for enhanced voicemail which included instant voice mail. I changed the perk on both my phone and my Husband’s phone and now have regular voicemail again. It was not listed in my add ons which was why I could not find it but was listed as a perk in a different section.