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How to subscribe to text mailing list

I want to subscribe my Koodo number for text messages from Koodo offers and promotions. I’ve found this link https://koodo.jumptxt.com/opt-out/koodo/index.xhtml?lang=en, but this is for unsubscribe only. Is there a way to subscribe to text messaging list?

P.S. Even though this topic might be found in forum (which is closed for new comments), it is still unclear how to subscribe to the text messaging list, because it seems someone from koodo has to do this. Thanks


Best answer by Darius Koodo 25 May 2023, 22:37

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You’re automatically subscribed unless you specifically unsubscribed once upon a time.


If you did unsubscribe at some point, let us know and we can flag a rep to add you back.

HI @Allan M  , Thank you so much for your attention to my message. I have two numbers and I’d like to know if text messages registered for each number or just for the entire account? I get offers only for one number and nothing for the second one. Thanks!

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It is on a “per number basis”. Shall I flag a rep to activate on the one that was turned off?? 

Hi @Robert T , yes please if possible. Thanks!

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Hi @Robert T , yes please if possible. Thanks!

I have flagged a rep for you

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Hello @poghsh 

I verified the account for you and it seems that the marketing settings are set correctly for both of the numbers on the account. 


Indeed, as @Robert T  mentioned, it is on a per number basis. 

We do have a link that you can subscribe in order to receive notifications via E-mail. Details here.


Whenever you want a change and if you are looking for a different rate plan option or even a device purchase, you can reach us on social media, Facebook or Twitter.

You can also schedule a call-back via our KOODO Virtual Assistant.  

One of our colleagues will be able to check offers available for both of the numbers. 

Thanks @Darius Koodo !