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Can Someone please clarify international pay per use data usage allotments?

  • 13 March 2023
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As per most mobile providers the international pay per use data fees are as clear as mud.

For the examples below are the data allotments per bill cycle (as SMS is clearly spelled out or per text)  or for a 24hr period like some other providers?

In other words if I am in the USA for 14 days during my bill cycle and use only 40MB of data in total will I only be charged $10 as its under the 50MB cap?

 I ask as iPhones appear to have data leakage issues irrespective of cell data and roaming being off.  Example being 0.7kb in system services to find a new time zone and I’m tired of being charged 12-16$ for roam like home services when this leakage happens. 

Taking the SIM out or using Airplane mode is not an option as I have an elderly mother and I may have an emergency call.  I also can’t access any Banking Info that requires sending two step SMS codes!!

In other words its bloody frustrating.  Any help appreciated.





USA→ $10/50 MB, charged on the first KB of usage up to 400MB. Flat rate of $0.05 per MB thereafter. 

Example 2 → France is $5 per MB

Outgoing SMS

$10/100 outgoing text messages, charged on first outgoing text message (per bill cycle) up to 1600 messages. Flat rate of $0.05 per message thereafter. Free incoming text messages.

France 0.65 per text message

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Pay per use rates are per billing cycle, yes.


Data leakage should only happen if you use the data roaming toggle. If you turn off both data roaming AND the mobile data, then you shouldn’t have to worry about your phone using data in the background unless you specifically turn it on

Appreciate the reply but that doesn’t answer my enquiry….  I’ve had that battle with Fido already,  Looking to change to Koodo if they bill international data allottmets over a billing cycle not every 24hrs… 

Fido claims even an incoming SMS can trigger data charges. 

Apologies I just reread your reply.  You did answer my query.  Thank you



Fido claims the only way to prevent this is to stay in Airplane mode or pull SIM out.