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Block calls TO USA

  • 9 September 2023
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I was calling an amazon call center the other day and it turns out my call was to Seattle.  I just got my bill today and there was a charge for $37 for this call.  Is there any way to block outgoing calls to other countries, or at least provide a warning ahead of the call?

2 replies

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When dialing, don't dial the 1. And if you do need the 1 make sure it's a +1

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Which phone are you using? phone can automatically fill in the 1 though. You could turn off Dial assist (iPhone) or assisted dialing (samsung devices) to avoid those. However, that would also create problem when you dial Canadian number as the phone will ask you to fill in the prefix +1.

There isn’t a way from Koodo system to block US calling if you are a postpaid customer unfortunately.