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Why are my emails and invoices in French and how can I change my language preference to English?

  • 16 November 2022
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My emails and invoices sent to me by Koodo are now coming to me in French because I happen to live in Gatineau, but I am an English-speaking person. I cannot find any way within Self-Serve or Koodo Assist to tell me how to change my language preference to English. Does anyone know where and how I can do this, or do I need to schedule a call with an agent to get this sorted out?


Best answer by Sophia 17 November 2022, 00:27

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5 replies

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Can't find it in selfserve either. Not something I've dealt with before tho I've seen it here a couple times. We can flag a rep if you like to look into it.

Yes, Goran, if you could, that would be amazing, thank you.

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In case Goran missed your response, it’s done :)

Hello @GraphicJack! The language preferences have been updated on your account and you will receive your invoices in English beginning with the next billing cycle.

thank you, Lavinia! 😀