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What can I do about esportz?

  • 13 September 2022
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Same here, esportz365 charged my daughter's account for several weeks. She got a scam email that she ignored that asked her to text a code back to them to confirm her account, which she of course never did. She then got another spam text saying that the account had begun and she'd be charged every week. She's young so of course she didn't look into it. These people can send a random text to anyone and unless you reply they can start charging you. It is unbelievable that a company would allow this to happen. These people need to be blacklisted immediately. Koodo can see these messages and there was absolutely no confiration on her part. I don't even think that someone used her telephone number to get a free account, I think they find people's numbers via cell phone companies and just send out the messages in mass to fleece people. 

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HI there @Mateapolis  We looked into your account and we saw that you spoke with an agent who helped explain the charges, and how to stop and block them as well. We also saw that you submitted a refund request. You should see the credits on your next bill. 

Hope this helped