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using eSIM only on pixel 6

  • 20 September 2022
  • 2 replies

I am on a bring-your-own-device post-paid plan and I have recently purchased a Google pixel 6 to replace my old Samsung. The Pixel 6 comes with only one SIM card tray: I want to switch my phone number to eSIM to keep the one tray available for local SIM cards when I travel. To my dismay, the dude at my local Telus-Koodo store tells me this is not possible: that there needs to be a physical SIM card in the phone and that eSIM is only for additional lines (???) This is contrary to what the Koodo FAQ page says... What game are they playing? 

2 replies

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The rep was likely just confused on how esims works.
Ask them simply to purchase an esim and then you can swap your number to the esim yourself in your selfserve account.

I'll just try another koodo shop... Thanks