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Transfer ON phone number on QC account?

  • 31 January 2024
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I currently have 2 accounts with Koodo, 1 monthly and one prepaid. My prepaid account has an Ontario number and the monthly account holds 2 Quebec number. I would like to transfer my prepaid number to my monthly account (and only deal with 1 invoice per month).

I was wondering if a Quebec account can have an Ontario number associated with it? (example: I would have 2 numbers with 819 area codes (QC) and 1 number with a 613 area code (ON) on the same account).


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2 replies

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The ON number on a QC should be fine, if the system doesn't allow you to port,you can ask a rep to assist.

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My Account has numbers from 2 different provinces so this shouldnt be a problem.

Note that taxes will be tied to the area code, so the Quebec number will still pay Quebec taxes even though you have an Ontario account.