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Tab balance

  • 11 January 2022
  • 8 replies

I have bought 2 identical phones (with all features) but my tab balances are different, why? 


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8 replies

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Which phones did you buy?

Did you select the same tabs for both phones?

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When did you buy each phone? We're they in different dates? Did you buy them on different accounts with different billing periods? 

I bought iPHONE 12 - 64 GB,  and paid the same amount for each for phone so would assume the tab would be the same.


I bought them on the same plan and account on the same day, so same billing period


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Are you sure you used the same tab types each time? Can you show us what you see with personal info removed?

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If you bought the phones on the same day, then reach out to customer service. They’ll be able to see the tab prices for the date of the purchase and adjust it on their end. 

It’s a time consuming process, so dedicate 2 hours.

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Did you make the purchase instore or online?

What was the upfront cost for each of these 2 phones? 

I went back and looked at the initial purchase and  forgot about a phone trade-in I completed, thank you for triggering me to go back and look. I just moved over to koodoo in December and I’m still trying to figure out the billing, LOL.


All the best