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SPAM text message (phonenumber)@msg.koodomobile.com

  • 23 February 2023
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A few times a month I receive spam text messages from (myphonenumber)@msg.koodomobile.com

and conservacaoerestauro@unisa.br

The text says that I have a refund from Koodo.

Can these please be blocked?  I find it concerning that they are using koodomobile.com - I never had these issues with Telus.  


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6 replies

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The msg.koodomobile.com is just an email to text service provided by Koodo.

You send an email with a users number @ that domain name and it’ll forward the email to their cellphone number. The text/email is actually coming from that other email you see attached.


You can only block the whole email to text service, and not just one person that’s sending you the scammy messages unfortunately.

If you’d like to do that let us know and we can flag a rep for you.

Yes please if you can block that email that would be appreciated

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I've flagged a rep to assist.

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Hi @druxilla 

We are unable to access the settings at the moment on our end, however, we have submitted a ticket for our team to investigate and will follow up once we hear back.


Sorry for the inconvenience! 


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Hi @druxilla 

We have been able to edit the SMS settings, your line should no longer receive text messages from email addresses

Super thanks!