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Setting Up E-sim

  • 3 January 2024
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Hi! I am an existing Koodo prepaid customer and I need to convert this to e-sim. The thing is, I have a self-serve account that I topped up good for the next few months. I live in Princeton and nobody knows what to do.


  1. Should I buy an e-sim voucher that is same as my current prepaid plan? If so, will I be able to adjust my plan in the future or should I buy another voucher?
  2. Will I retain the same number that I am using? Will my self-serve account and load carry over to my new eSIM?
  3. Where can I ask for help? The nearest one I can go to is Penticton. 
  4. After buying a voucher, can I set it up on my own or should I call a Koodo agent? But they’re pretty unresponsive 😅
  5. Do I have to remove the physical sim card first before I use the voucher?

Koodo works for me so I don’t want to transfer to another telecom but their customer service is not that good.


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6 replies

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What phone are you using? Is your phone having an eSIM in it? As well, if it was a compatible iphone, you can try to convert from a physical SIM to eSIM. I know it worked on iOS with a postpaid plan. You can try to see if that work on your prepaid plan.

eSIM voucher is only available at a Koodo kiosk store, so you will have to go there and ask them to give you a “Prepaid eSIM voucher”, you could switch the SIM yourself or ask a rep to to do it for you https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/esim-and-esim-vouchers

  1. eSIM voucher is not reusable, so if you need to move the eSIM, you need to buy another one.
  2. Yes
  3. Store
  4. Follow the link above and self-serve
  5. No

I’m using iPhone 15 PM. I went to a Telus-Koodo kiosk and the clerk told me that as far as he knows, Koodo does not have a prepaid esim. Koodo only has the post paid variety. And if I wanted to switch to post paid, I will lose the balance I have in my account.

I ended up retaining my prepaid sim 😅

Thank you for answering though. I appreciate it 😊

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I am not sure if the rep understood all Koodo service or it was the limitation of the combined “telus-koodo” store or Koodo changed policy recently. I would suggest you find a Koodo kiosk and ask a rep there. From their eSIM webpage, prepaid service does support eSIM https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/esim-and-esim-vouchers

That’s what I thought too. So then I just assumed after that the policy hasn’t been implemented long enough yet. I will try if I can go to a Koodo only kiosk next time. Right now, I feel it would be more of a hassle for me if I do the switch because not many of their staff knows what’s up and if something happens, it will be difficult for me to find someone to give technical assistance. 

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Let me flag a rep here to confirm.

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Hi there @Kai Reyes 

We definitely have prepaid eSIM cards available in our store. We would recommend proceeding to our dedicated Koodo kiosk near your location.