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Scam calls?

  • 5 March 2024
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I’ve now received two calls from someone claiming to be a Koodo representative who knows my first name when they call, so clearly have some of my information. The number they are calling from is 1-866-369-9826. I haven’t yet said a word to them and I hang up once they’ve said their first sentence.  I would like to know if these are legitimate calls from Koodo or if I should block this number and forget about it.



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3 replies

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You should ask what they want, but dont give any info.

Any phone number can be spoofed.

If it is for an offer you want, tell them to note it on your account and you can always connect with Koodo through official channels.

Thank you for the advice Dennis, I’ll do that if they call back.

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When this shows up on my phone, I don't even answer, I hit decline.  I am never sure if it's a scam or not.  If I want to make changes to my account,  I will either call koodo myself  or do it online., MYSELF