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Robocallers getting through Call Control

  • 14 September 2022
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Just wondering if anyone else is having issues with robocallers getting through your Call Control option?

I live in BC and have recently received a number of calls from ON with recorded chinese messages. Any suggestions on how to ensure that they don’t get through? 

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5 replies

Of course you have received robot calls. You can’t get a human on the phone anymore. You didnt know that? I think they fired everyone. 

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Do those numbers show up in the Call Control log?

Of the three calls, only one came up on the call log. When you write of Call log, I assume you mean “Useage Details - Minutes”?

I’ve read on the website about creating a Blocked Caller list (which can be completed with your 10 most recent calls, but this feature isn’t available through the Useage Details - Minutes page. 

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No. Login to your account, select the user on the right, click Manage plans and add-ons, scroll down and click Call Control. The list show the last 10 calls and if they were Authorized (selected the correct number), or Failed.

Thank you for the clarification on what you were discussing. I had the Call Control feature with my previous phone and had recently changed to a newer one.

It appears that the Call log is blank so this must mean that my prior selection for this feature, must have been turned off. 

I have reselected the Call Control feature, so hopefully this should remedy further robocalls. 

Thank you