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Problems With Phone Number

  • 29 September 2021
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Hi, I bought SIM and got a Koodomobile number. There are problems with this number. I already bought it as a new number. However, it’s still in system on many apps. For example, I can not use this number to create Uber account because it is already used by the previous owner. They sent Code throught regristed email and number, but the regristed email is not mine. Therefore, now i cant create account on app if I dont use other number.  Same situations with Uber Eat and some other apps. Now, I wonder how to solve this issue? 

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2 replies

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Unfortunately this is turning into a problem with recycled numbers. The easiest thing might be to request you change your number with kooodo again and request that it be brand new.
Another is to contact each of the services to ask if they can change the account it's associated with to you. That would be less likely to work.

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Uber has a form you can fill out to verify that you own the number so that you can use it on a different account.

All carriers will recycle numbers usually somewhere after 60-90 days so you just happened to get one that someone had previously had and used on Uber. The link below should get you all sorted out!