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Poor network coverage in my area

  • 22 November 2022
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I have been a Koodo customer for several years without any issues.  However, starting in September 2923, I have been experiencing “dropped calls” and callers telling me that I sound garbled (like a robot).


I have talked with Telus technical support a couple if times and they are not able to fix the problem. They just keep resetting my phone. 


After several months of having poor network service from Koodo , I went and purchased a new iPhone 13 with a new SIM card. (As I thought maybe it was my phone as Koodo told me no other callers have reported any issues)….clearly it is a Network issue as I am still having the same issues.


i spike with a friend yesterday and she is experiencing the same issues with Koodu. 


my stress is elevated as I’m caring due an elderly family member and I need a reliable network to make calls


Koodo, you need to fix this issue as the network service is absolutely terrible and I don’t want to keep calling your agents who keep doing the same things without a resolution.



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2 replies

Correction, issues started in September 2022

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For now, I would suggest downloading the Fongo Mobile app as a backup plan until this problem gets resolved. Or, if you’re a postpaid customer and have access to Wi-Fi in your home, you may want to look into Wi-Fi Calling as an option.

Wi-Fi Calling | Help

As for a resolution to this matter, a lot more people have to file complaints about the lack of service before TELUS will take notice. You can submit an outage report to telus.com/status.