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  • 6 December 2021
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I am in India and i can’t use the sim. On my phone it says “Emergency Calls Only”

I want to just receive the texts. I don’t need Roaming. 


Best answer by Goran 6 December 2021, 18:01

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5 replies

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You'll need to ensure that your add-ons in self-serve has “International Voice Roaming” enabled. Then you can restart your phone and it should connect to a network. If not, go into your network selection settings and see what populates for networks to connect to.

Thanks. After doing the above steps, I can see the signal on my phone. But still, it says “Emergency Calls Only” in the top left corner. 

Please help!

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Did you go into your network settings to change your network from automatic to manual to see what networks populate like Goran mentioned? 

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Did you reboot the phone?