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iPhone 14 Sim Card issues

  • 23 September 2022
  • 4 replies

The SIM card info won’t transfer from my iPhone 8 because IOS version difference .. but it seems that the sim card I got with the new phone fits different from the old sim card. 

I can’t finish the transfer to my new phone. 


4 replies

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iPhone 8 and 14 use the same sim cards.

No information like photos or contacts are stored on the sim card though, it’s just your connection to Koodo. Are you not getting service on the new phone?

no it won’t transfer .. no phone service … I’m going to try upgrading my iphone 8 to ios 16 and see if that will work 

I found it odd that the 14 sim card is the same and yet fits upside down compared to the 8

why not just tell you to swap out the old phone sim into the new one .. LOL

sorry to waste peoples time