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I need to change my email for koodo access. And I need to access my telus account- but that email is dead

  • 8 February 2022
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So long story short I was cyber attacked. And my main email compromised so much I am not even going to attempt to recover it. I am logging into Koodo using it still but need to change it. As I am literally not getting anything going to that email. And with my internet, which is telus, I can’t access That at all with my dead email… somehow I need to change that too. Because I am still securing my router and need to use the telus app to finish the last bit but can’t without the app apparently (tried in the router itself but can’t find the setting I need). And I need to set up secure emails-- again telus ones would work for that. Sort of in a hurry to secure these things. Not to mention I have no idea what my bills will be. 

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3 replies

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You can determine your amount owing my calling 611 on your koodo phone. 

You may he able to reset your self serve and re-register with a new email (with your account info) by telling koodo assist (https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help?autobots=rollout) you are unable to login to self serve. This should give the option to reset your self serve.

If for some reason this does not work, you can request a callback via koodo assist as well.

Regarding your Telus account, you would need to reach out to Telus for any of those concerns 

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I can flag a Rep to assist with resetting your self-serve if you cannot. Typically you'd do the following:


But I'm not sure if the verification email that goes to your old account needs to be acted upon.

Thanks, I will do the koodo first then. Unfortunately, I really need to get my router set up to some very precise secure settings so I do hope telus gets back to me sooner rather than later or all the work I have done so far will be pretty much useless. I have done what I can within the router at the moment but I can, I suppose, look for what I need in there again.