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How to subscribe to text mailing list

  • 15 June 2022
  • 3 replies

I found the opt out mailing list form, https://koodo.jumptxt.com/opt-out/koodo/index.xhtml?lang=en


however, I wish to be added to the text mailing list for offers and deals. Can’t find any form to input my phone number 

3 replies

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If you’d like I can flag a rep to check to make sure your on the list for offers, and if not add you to that list?
Is the email you used to signup for this the same one as your self serve account?

Hi Allan, I am able to get email notifications but I don't see text notifications


And yes my email is the same. 

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Hello @eethanshire! We have added your phone number to our marketing list; you’ll soon start to receive SMS notifications about any deals and offers available for your account.