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How to cancel the service

  • 31 August 2022
  • 3 replies

Hello community, I was looking to cancel the Koodo service plan but I can’t find anywhere how to do so. Any hints please? I tried the digital assist which is a pain in the neck and wouldn’t give the option to cancel. Worst service ever.

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3 replies

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@ycahere Looks like there is already a call booked for you for 11am today.

Heads up to keep your phone off mute. We will also send a text a few min before the call comes. 

Honestly I was amazed how good customer service is, the operator was very friendly and ready to answer all my queries. I cancelled the service because I’m out of the country and will come back after 3 months, and will definitely use Koodo again once in Canada. Thank you again.

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@ycahere I’m glad to hear we didn’t disappoint after all. And truly appreciate the effort you took to come back and share your experience. Most people unfortunately wouldn’t have done it. :-(  So thank you!