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How does pay-per-use work?

  • 28 February 2022
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I would like some clarification on how pay-per-use works. I am Canadian travelling to the states for a few weeks and will have wi-fi most of the time. I am not interested in calling or sending SMS (and I don’t want to pay for Easy Roam), but would still like to receive any missed messages. If I take my phone off of airplane mode, are there any charges? Am I charged to receive text messages? Or are the pay-per-use charges only if I make calls, turn on my data or send SMS messages myself? I want to ensure there are no unexpected fees over the course of my trip. So, if I take my phone off airplane mode but don’t send out anything or use data, will I be charged in any way?


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Theoretically, yes. You only have to pay if you send text, use data or make/receive calls. Incoming sms is free. 

However, controlling phone usage is difficult. Once you get your phone off the airplane mode, it will try to access cellular data. Make sure you turn off the cellular data and data roaming in the phone settings.