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Home phone device broken

  • 15 June 2022
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I’m definitely not impressed with Koodo!! I’ve been using Koodo Wireless home phone for long time. My home phone device (hub) died and I went to a Koodo shop.

The agent told me that I have to call Koodo if I am to get a new home phone device or else sign up for a new home telephone line with a new number!

My home phone is already dead since a few months and I miss those annoying robo calls. 

How can I get a live Koodo agent to help me and send me a replacement device?

The automated help robot is as good as useless.



1 reply

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Hmm, the store should be able to do sell you a new hub. It would be added onto your plan at $5/month or you could buy it outright at $125 (if I remember correctly). If that store couldn’t do it I would call around to another store as it is something that should be possible for you to do.

I see your community profile says your in Brampton. Try giving one of the following a call/visit if you haven’t already. If they are unsure tell them that they should be able to do an upgrade on your home phone line for a new hub and if they don’t have one in stock they should be able to do what’s called a “Ship to Home”, and have it mailed directly to your address.

  • Koodo Store - Bramalea City Centre - (905) 793-8899

  • TELUS Store - Bramalea City Centre - (905) 494-1069
  • TELUS Store - Trinity Commons - (905) 790-9510

If you have no luck with those let us know.