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Help - no coverage in Europe

  • 20 June 2022
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I’m travelling through Europe and have no coverage at all “no service”. Previously when I travelled I’d always get messages  ‘Welcome to Country. The name of the carrier (e.g. T-Mobile) and the rates’ and could use the phone as is. This time when arriving to Germany nothing, transferring to Spain, nothing.

The only difference is that previously I had Samsung and now Apple 12 - same sim card. I did all the IPhone troubleshooting (restarting, replacing simcard, resetting network settings but nothing works. It possible that it’s blocked by Koodo but I have no way of contacting them as they only way I was able to get to is a call-back which isn’t an option since I have no coverage.

I have wifi and whatsapp.

How can I get in touch with a Koodo rep?


PS. the airplane mode is also disabled



2 replies

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You mentioned Tmobile in US as an example but that was US carrier, US roaming is different from International roaming.

Could you log into selfserve and double check if you have international voice/data roaming add-on in it? Easyroam should be installed, I assumed.

Also, Could you manually search for local carrier and try to join?


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@MS2022 I see you added the necessary feature as per DInh above. You added the data but not the voice component in case you wanted to make calls.