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Enter Callback Number During Voicemail Greeting

  • 13 September 2021
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Hi everyone, 


I am wondering if Koodo offers a "callback number feature while listing to outgoing voicemail greeting.


I. e. This is Steve. Please leave a message after the tone or press (digit) to enter in a callback number. Thank you.

At this point, a text would be sent to me with entered phone number. 

3 replies

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I doubt many people need/care for this feature anymore since caller ID is a standard feature nowadays.

Check out - I’ve been using it with a free account for over a year now.

Once you sign up with a free account, you just reprogram the three conditional forwards to the number they give you instead of the Koodo voicemail deposit number using *61, *62, *67 or *004 to set all three at once. (They give you the codes and numbers to dial to program it that start with those)

Now you will receive voicemails to your email box - no need to dial in to listen to your voicemails anymore, and no need to install their app either actually. The messages will have a sound file attachment you can play, and I think even with the free account the first 20 messages per month will also include a text transcription as well which is pretty cool, so you usually don’t even have to listen to the message.

And to the point - that email will show the phone number of the caller (whether they left a message or not) and you can tap/click on that number to call them back. :grin:

I hope this helps, enjoy!

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Visual voicemail is the closest thing they have

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Visual voicemail is the closest thing they have

Yeah, except that costs $60/year, vs YouMail which is $0 per year. 😁