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Cell Tower Info.

  • 1 August 2022
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I recently jumped ship from Public Mobile to Koodoo because PM wouldn't handle voLTE , due to Telus installing a new tower 2 KM from my place.  I couldn't make or receive any calls anymore . So got the new Koodoo sim and wow , initiated voLTE on my Galaxy S7 and wow , still cant or receive any calls . Hmmm , so maybe my S7 is long in the tooth so I buy a brand new Samsung phone . Get er up and running , wow , STILL cant make or receive any calls lmao .  When that new tower went online , the old S7 worked wonderful for about a month , until one morning  2 weeks ago and that's when all the above happened.  Odd part now is Cellmapper doesn't show that new tower and my old tower , that had the beam to our place now shows offline or not in service .  Like who do you call here to get someone who really knows what's going on with towers  ? Self serve thing is like banging a hammer on your head .  

Anyone in the know , help :)   I’ve dropped a lot of money now and still cant call out or get any incoming calls .    



2 replies

There are a few things you can try (that you probably already have!) but I have one question.

Does your phone work properly on Wi-Fi Calling?

  1. Power off your phone for a minimum of 20 minutes. If you can do an hour then great. You’ll have peace and quiet for an hour!
    This will give the network a chance to see that your phone is not active and do a refresh so to speak.
  2. Bear with the Koodo chat assistant and it will eventually give you the option for a callback (on a different number) and when they do. Ask Tech support to to do a “Resend To Switch”, which is a type of hard reset/refresh on their end. This solves issues 60% of the time and when the Resend is performed, all calls in progress are dropped, hence why a callback to a different number is advisable.
  3. Factory reset. Smartphones are computers and every year or two you need to wipe everything and start again. Just remember that anything on you phones internal memory will be deleted. So move anything like photos and videos that haven’t been backed up to the SD card in your phone, and if you don’t have one installed. Go get one!

As long as you take care of your phone you will get a decent number of years out of it, and the only thing you will need to do every few years or so is replace the battery. Which is way cheaper than the latest Samsung S series of phones.

The only thing that makes phones obsolete now days (apart from network technology) is software. Eventually your apps will not run on older version of Android, but when that happens look at re-purposing your phone and use it for something else. You can find heaps of ideas online.

I hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply and no , it did not work when I tried wifi calling , which really stumped me at the time .  To me , no matter what , should of worked ,right ?  So after posting the question I tried getting a call back and wowsers they called me right ways on our newly acquired landline :( .  They got me to shut off the phone after doing a network reset but he also  did something on his  end , unlike the other techs .  I turned the phone back on and holy cow , its works now !!!!  Now its not all that easy because I have had 3 separate Telus techs messaging about this issue and all gave me different conclusions.  All said to reset network settings on the phone , which i did , but they never did anything on their end , like this fellow did just now .  Before that happened , the Cell Tower info on LTE Discovery showed NA for cell tower , NOW it says the location and coordinates for the tower . So , something was really haywire there . 
I had my last S7 since it came out and is still flawless .  I take very good care of my phones cause they are expensive .   
I’ll have to try my wifi calling now and see if it works . 


Thanks for your help :D