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Call Back but no one picked up

  • 7 September 2023
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i had a callback but when i accepted it no one was there for 7 min so I hung up

The chat bot wont help, no matter what i do i cant get a real person


I’m calling because I’m having issues with 5G on my S21 FE - 5G
I’m in a 5G area, 5G is enabled on my phone as per the update to my phone last month saying 5G is available for use now, and I upgraded my plan to the 5G speed’s option 2 hours ago.

but It still only shows LTE+

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4 replies

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What plan do you have?  Is it the $65 5G plan?

In your phones Settings>Connections>Mobile Networks, what is your network mode set as?



I finally talked to someone yesterday and we went through all the steps I'd already done and still nothing. 

I'm on the $60 plan that says 5G speeds

My network settings are set at all the different network types including 5G


I'm going to go around my town later today and try and see if I can get it to activate, otherwise the guy said it might be a different issue

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Do you have any friends or family with 5G access with Koodo or Telus?  If so, can you try your sim in their device?  This can narrow down if it is a phone issue or account issue

Ya I could try and see. 

I just don't want to cause conflicts from android to Apple, I used to use apple and I know (at least at the time) iMessage/other apple services would have issues with a new number and then swapping back


Koodo 5g is new so not many people I know have upgraded to enable it like I have, I might know 1 or 2 Telus people with it