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Apple Watch Serious 7 (can I connect my phone to it?)

  • 4 February 2022
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my number is with Kodoo as well as my phone, I’m planning to get an Apple Watch series 7 soon and I was wondering if I can connect my phone to it and be able to use cellular as well as the emergency function (where it calls 911 on its own).

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2 replies

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Koodo doesn't provide support for the cellular Apple watches, but their parent company Telus does.


To add though, as long as your phone is always within Bluetooth distance of the watch, then the watch will function the exact same way as the cellular model. The cellular model just gives you a connection whenever you're not close enough to your phone. (Some people want that function but I figured I'd mention it since a lot of people don't realize that's the only difference)

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Only wharver it is capable of via Bluetooth. An interesting thing is if the carrier has WiFi calling, and your watch is connected to WiFi, so long as you set it up, it doesn't need your phone to place the call :


So it can, but only with WiFi. Which is pretty cool.