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Mobile Masters FAQs

  • 10 November 2015
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Who are the Mobile Masters?

Got a question? The Mobile Masters can help. These friendly problem-solvers are on a mission to help you out with the forces of their collective brainpower. So whether you have a question about your phone, rate plan, or add-ons, the Mobile Masters are here to help you. 

How do I become a Mobile Master?
Every now and then, Koodo looks for the next brightest minds that have made the biggest and best contributions to the Koodo Community.
To make our picks, we look through the leaderboard to see who is earning the most points.

But since there are a lot of budding mobile experts out there, we whittle down the list even further by looking at things like how positive, knowledgeable, and helpful you are. Put it all together, and voila! A Mobile Master is born.
So keep participating in the Koodo Community, keep making those brilliant suggestions, keep doing your thing, and you just might join the amazing ranks of the Mobile Masters.

Why should I become a Mobile Master?
Do mobile phones get you going? Have you always wanted to be an insider? 
The Mobile Masters is a special group who earn recognition and privileges within the community for lending a hand. They also get behind-the-scenes access to select Koodo projects, plus the odd Koodo swag. And last but not least, Mobile Masters will get the opportunity to test the latest and greatest phones. 

Are the Mobile Masters getting paid?
The Mobile Masters don’t get paid, but they do receive a number of exclusive perks for all their hard work.

Do the Mobile Masters work for Koodo?
The Mobile Masters don’t work for Koodo. They’re customers and fans just like you. Koodo employees are not eligible to become a Mobile Master.

How long do I get to be a Mobile Master and can I lose my Mobile Master status?
Mobile Masters get to keep their perks as long as they keep up the great work by continuing to be positive and helpful to others in the community. It’s important that Mobile Masters continue to try to answer as many questions as they did when they first became a Mobile Master. The number of questions answered helps each Master earn points, which then helps determine where they rank on the leaderboard. If they disrespect their fellow Koodo Community members, we’ll revoke their status. Any personal attack, excessively crude language, religious debate, spam, advertisement, lack of consistent participation or irrelevant posts will put their Mobile Master status at risk. Koodo reserves the right to revoke one’s Mobile Master status at any time and for any reason, as well as change or remove any aspect of the program.

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