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roaming disabled on phone yet charged 2 days of easy roam

  • 17 September 2023
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I was charged $28 for two days use of easy roam even though my phone has roaming disabled. 

Further to this, I got a text from koodoo a couple of months ago alerting me to a change made on my account that allowed extra charges to be incurred.  I did not make or authorize that change. I am the sole user of this account. 

I’ve finally worked out today where I needed to go to change that setting back (I’d looked when I first got the notification but couldn’t find it) so you can no longer charge me for easy roam but I’m extremely disappointed it was turned on without my authority in the first place. 

Reviewing previous responses in this forum, it looks like you’re charging me $28 for text messages. Please advise the cost of actually sending these texts without easy roam which I didn’t sign up for. How can someone even send text messages when data roaming is turned off??? 

1 reply

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How did you disable “roaming”? did you turn off BOTH cellular data and data roaming in settings? as well did you send text or make any call during those days? can you  log into self serve and check your usage to see how did they charge you?

Regarding other issue, could you be more specific about the issue?. We are customers like you are and didn’t have access to your account.

Regarding the fee, if was charged either by “pay per use” rate or easyroam. If you had easyroam add-on, it would charge you by that rate.