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Regarding register new payment info

  • 17 March 2023
  • 6 replies


I tried to change my new credit card for payment, but I got an error message says “something wrong, try it later”. I fed up to change my cc information. what should I do? 

#227 is real customer service number? they asked me PIN number so I am not sure this is real number or not. I tired to VISA and VISA debit but both not updated. any advice will be helpful. Thank you!

6 replies

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Are you trying to pay 1 time or set up pre-authorized payments?

Have you tried clearing your browser’s cache?

I tried to set up pre-authorized payment monthly. 

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I tried to set up pre-authorized payment monthly. 

227 is a legit number but they wont be able to help with pre-authorized payments.

Try clearing your bowser's cache or login in incognito mode and see if they fixes the error

Thank you for all replies. I cleaned all cache and also login in incognito mode but both are not working.

I feel dizzy now. 

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Could be a system issue.  Are you able to make a 1 time payment on self serve? 

You can always add the pre-authorized payments at a later date when it is working

I will try it later at my work computer. I think I should stop. thank you!