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iPhone 11 Black Friday deal issue

  • 15 March 2023
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This is 4th time I got the wrong bill. I got nearly 75$ bill whereas the deal was for 45$. I can not waste time all the time commenting like this. The Koodo service is not doing anything. I can’t waste time and comment on community every month. Fix it ASAP. And please someone flag the rep.


thank you.

5 replies

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Let me flag a rep again for you.
I’ll share the link to your previous thread as well just to keep things together


Thank you so much 😊

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Hi @preya 

The amount on the March bill is correct, as the credit applied in February covered the monthly tab for both February and March bills.


I have sent you a PM with more details.


The deal is black Friday iphone 11 deal. No tab. Just 45$ and free iphone 11. One of the koodo representative made mistakes in contract and said that these tab and all will be just on contract and he said the bill will be 45$. I trusted your employee. But now is enough because of your representative mistake I can't pay 65$ with 20$. Please change it to 45$ with free iphone 11.  Hope you will change it as soon as possible.


Thank you.

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Which location did you sign up for this?

My wife also got the same deal on black Friday at the Mobile Shop and the iphone 11 is entirely on Tab Bonus so there is no tab to pay.