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Charged activation when i was told it was waived

  • 18 September 2023
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How do I get my bill adjusted 3/4 of us have been charged the activation fee when we were told that it was waived.

7 replies

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Did you purchase in store or over the phone with a rep?

Hi Allan, 


I purchased in store. 

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Did the 4th person get a credit for the activation fee or was the activation fee completely absent?

Can you login to your self serve and check your detailed pdf ebill to confirm?

Thank you Dennis, so all 4 of is were charged the connection fee. The 4th one was on another number as we had to create a temporary number before switching it. So all 4 were charged the connection fee that was supposed to be waived. 

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Did the store give any indication about the waived activation fee?

Typically if a credit were to be issues it will appear on the 2nd bill

Ok, the gentleman told me that it was a promotion at the time of my sign up, but did not mention that.  

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Is it written in any of your documentation when you signed up?