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Cancellation of Koodo Mobile Plan

  • 12 January 2022
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Hello Folks,


I need a help with below query.


I purchased a plan for Koodo mobile from their door campaigner.

I never received SIM card but have received service agreement email and they have started generating monthly bills. I have not even received the SIM nor have activated it.


When I try to call sales representative, he does not pick the call nor responds to messages. I tried calling Koodo customer care and It does not connect me to representative but just rout me to computer generated responses which does not help me much.


Any idea how do I cancel my service with Koodo?


Thank you in advance.




5 replies

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You can schedule a callback at https://www.koodomobile.com/chat by just typing in “cancel account” or something similar and you can choose a time for a rep to give you a call.

I tried it, but it needs a koodo number to receive a call back. I haven’t even received the SIM but they have started charging me the bills.

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No need for a Koodo number. Just as long as it is a North American one😊

You can follow what I put in the pictures. Then it'll just ask for your name, number, and a time for your callback.


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So, you signed up with Koodo through door sales person?

Did you pay anything upfront? Did the person give you any paperwork- Reference number/ order number?

And when did you sign up? If the person didn't have SUM on him/her, it should be delivered by Canada Post which can takes some times...

@Allan M thank you so much. Your inputs helped me to arrange call back and I was able to cancel my service with Komodo.

@Mayumi , person was legit but didn't bother to respond. Anyways, I was able to cancel my service with Komodo.