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Billing issues

  • 15 September 2023
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So I was signed up for pre-authorized payments from my bank account. Over the past few months, these payments came out at totally random times of the month. One was June 30th, the next was August 2nd, and then the third was August 30th. There's is no way of knowing when these payments will come out, and because I had two come out in August I ended up not having enough money in my account, and therefore the payment bounced. This landed me with a $40 NSF fee from my bank, and a late fee from Koodo. 

I scheduled a callback so I could ask why these payments come out so randomly, and also ask if Koodo was going to charge me their own NSF fee. The first callback I scheduled just never happened. No one called me, and there's no other way to get ahold of someone. So I scheduled another callback, and this time got ahold of a rep. 

This rep told me that the system just randomly chooses when to take payments. I asked him how that's fair to customers, and how they were supposed to plan their money if they never know when to expect the withdrawal to come. He simply told me that the system chooses randomly and there's no way of knowing. 

Okay so I cancelled pre-authorized payments and now I do transfers when my bill is due. At least this way I can make it a regular day of the month.

After that, I asked the rep if Koodo was going to charge me an NSF fee, or if it's just a late fee. He expressly told me that there would be no NSF fee, and I would only get charged the late fee. 

Okay fine, I can deal with that. However when my next bill came out, I had a late fee as well as the NSF fee he said I wouldn't get? Now I owe them two months worth of bills, a late fee, an NSF fee and my banks NSF fee. This seems ridiculous to me as the guy told me this wasn't going to happen. It was a totally useless conversation and now I owe a ton of money that I was told I wouldn't owe. 

I am so frustrated, and I'm wondering if there's anything I can do to get this fee waved? It seems like the worst customer service ever to tell someone one thing, and then have the total opposite happen to them and blame it on their "system". Like what can I do to resolve this? Will Koodo offer me any sort of compensation for the lie, and total disaster that is their automatic billing system?? 

3 replies

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Have you reached out to your bank to get a goodwill credit for the NSF? Banks will often give a one time grace for a NSF. It's well worth a try.

This is the first time I've heard of Koodo charging a NSF fee. Is it possible to load a screenshot of your bill showing this, with personal info blanked out?

I wouldn't count on compensation for a rep being either mistaken or lying. Koodo’a been really tightening down on such things for a while now.

Here's a screenshot of the bill, including the $25 NSF charge they are giving me. I am going to talk to my bank today about possibly giving me back the $45 they charged me. 

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I would send a private message to Koodo via FB Messenger or DM via Twitter /X about the 25dollar nsf charge. I would hope that The Rep would be willing to waive it this time as well