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Koodo Assist - The faster, smarter way to get help

  • 31 May 2021
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Koodo Assist - The faster, smarter way to get help
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All of our customer support now starts with Koodo Assist, a digital rep that can answer questions and help you make changes to your account. If you need to talk to someone, it’ll set up a call for you with a live rep.


It’s a faster, smarter way to get help

Data all used up for the month? No sweat, Koodo Assist can top you up. It can also add Easy Roam and even reset your Self Serve password. Koodo Assist can help with just about anything related to your account, but in a fraction of the time it used to take to get a hold of a live rep on the phone.


It’s way better than waiting on hold.

If Koodo Assist can’t solve your issue, it’ll schedule a call back with a live rep—usually within 30 minutes to an hour. Plus, depending on the inquiry, it will help by getting you to the right rep from the beginning.


And it’s always open.

Koodo Assist is available 24/7. So if someone finds themselves lying awake at 2 am wondering if their phone will work on their trip to Japan, they won’t have to wait until morning to find the answer.



  • Instead of dialing 611 when you have a question, go directly to to save time.

  • Try typing some key words or a short question, like “bill”, “data usage”, or “how do I change my plan?”.

  • Respond to any questions Koodo Assist asks in short, simple sentences or select the button most relevant to your issue.

  • If Koodo Assist is unable to solve your problem, it will help you book a callback with one of our live agents.


FAQ - General

What languages does Koodo Assist understand?

Koodo Assist is fluent in English, French and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional). The assistant defaults to your preferred language on To change it, go to on your mobile device or desktop and change your preferred language.


Do I have to log in to my Koodo account?

Koodo Assist works best with Self Serve, so log in if prompted.  Koodo Assist can provide answers specific to your service, rate plan, E-bills, and much more. You don't need to log in to your account to ask general questions.


I don’t have a Koodo account. Can I still use Koodo Assist?

Yes, Koodo Assist can still help you but it works best if you log in to your self serve account. If you need help setting up a Self Serve account, our digital rep can also help you with that!


I am not a Koodo customer. Can I still use Koodo Assist?

Yes, our digital rep can help answer questions like "Why join Koodo" as well help you pick a rate plan  to best suit your needs so you can become a Koodo customer.


Why do you ask for my name and phone number?

We ask for contact information so if we schedule a callback, the agent will have your name and number to call you back in case you get disconnected.


FAQ - Scheduled Callback


How do I schedule a callback?

Koodo Assist will provide answers to many different questions. In the event it can’t, you will be given the option to schedule a callback.


Do I need a Koodo number to schedule a callback?

No you do not need a Koodo number however, we cannot call toll-free, non-North American or extension based phone numbers


How do I cancel a callback?

You could cancel your callback by answering the call and pressing 2 on your phone when prompted to cancel.


Why can’t I schedule a callback?

Callbacks can be scheduled on Weekdays from 9am to 9pm and on Weekends from 9am - 7pm. Sometimes we get a little busier than usual, and aren't able to accommodate a callback request.


Why am I not receiving my callback?

We send an SMS right before your callback so you’ll be ready.  We make 3 attempts to reach you.  

Here are some tips if you’re not receiving your callback:

  • While scheduling a callback you’ll be asked a series of questions. Pressing “No thanks” at any point will cancel your callback request.
  • Another common reason is that a typo was made while entering your callback number. If it still doesn't work, you may need to use an alternate number. 
  • If the calls are going right to voicemail, it may be because our Koodo Customer Care number is blocked, or you may have a low signal. 

  • Click here to learn how to unblock a number on your specific phone
  • Check to see if conditional call forwarding is activated. If it is,  turn off the call forward feature. 


Why is no one there or the line just ringing when I receive my callback?

We try our best to make sure our reps are available to assist you. Sometimes there are connection issues when we call you. We do make 3 attempts to reach you, so if this happens, we will call you back again. Note: You’ll need to press the number 1 before being connected with a rep

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